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Practical Techniques To Incorporate Into Your Sales Plan

Attract New Customers

If the usual customers take advantage of the current situation to ask for discounts and special prices, a new client will also make you wait longer to make the final decision (if you take it). “It is a time to hold and think about the need to approach certain projects because other fires have to be extinguished or because an investment is required that is not always clear, that they do not know if it will have a return. Some companies can spend eight or ten months to sit down internally to assess the need and how to approach a project, “said Pablo Rueda, partner manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud.

This is a problem that affects large and small companies alike, but for different reasons: “The big one, because they are elephants with a lot of bureaucracy. They say to you, ‘I want to do the project with you, but you are not in my pool of suppliers’ and to close the deal they impose a lot of conditions on you. SMEs, because they have to think long before making a decision that involves a minimum expenditure. “

How do we get out of this crossroads? Experts recommend trying to force the decision, without pressing too much. As for the lack of choices for fear of investing in something little known, the most used resource is to transform the cost of the purchase into an investment.

The First Sale With Low Commitment

Changing providers always carries a risk. Try to convince new customers by reducing their perception of risk and lowering the cost of entry for the client. It is about removing barriers that enhance the initial resistance. However, some experts also recommend more original formulas, such as charging for services that other organizations can offer (marketing, legal advice, dissemination, among others) in a kind of exchange between startups.…

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