Sell To Your Current Customers

Sell To Your Current Customers

Try to exploit well the ones you already have in your portfolio before launching yourself to the hunt and capture of more clients. First, because it will cost you less effort. And second, because in your eagerness to win more customers, you can increase your risk. “Getting more customers can be expensive and dangerous. The main thing is to ensure the collections and new customers can bring us a high degree of delinquency. A single defaulter can take away the benefit of a year. Also, new customers often force us to work with smaller margins to attract them. Another big mistake It is clear that it is more profitable to combine efforts with the usual customers to increase the volume of purchase, “recommends Jordi Vila Porta, founder of Vila Porta Training.

And that is precisely what the entrepreneurs who better resisted the crisis did. “We focus above all on favoring the purchase with special offers for our current customers. We treat them preferentially with all kinds of promotions that can favor them only. Or incentivizing them with a month of free service “, recalls Pablo Rueda from his previous step by Openbravo. “We also try to offer them greater flexibility in the form of payment, so that they invest more in the company. That is first. The idea is to try to make your life easier and design sales policies, always differentiating very well who you are selling to. ” In addition to seeking more sales volume, you must always think about the profitability of them.

If You Do Not Like It, Do Not Pay Me.

How do we attract new customers, if we also try to sell a product or service that is not even known in the market? This is the situation faced by Miguel Quintana in the middle of the crisis, with his old company 03 Wellbeing Solutions, a training company for the reduction of stress in companies using software tools developed by them (mobile application technology), whose Sales strategy was to attract new customers.

“We were selling a pilot service. We reached an agreement with the client (a multinational of teleoperator services) that we would implement our training and that we would verify the benefits for its workers. The agreement was that if this pilot training was effective at zero cost and we objectively compared it concerning a group that did not receive it, the company would implement it throughout the company for all its workers. And that’s how it was, “explains Miguel Quintana.

Visit Customers With More Potential

To sell more, you have to optimize the time you invest in visits to the fullest. Which means that you should prioritize customers with more buying potential. How do we detect something like that? A first measure will give you your sales argument. The session is to focus on the clients with whom you have been able to prepare more sales arguments, which are the ones with the highest potential for purchase.

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